Auroville – The Vision of a Single Tribe



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Experimental townships are found around the world and they operate on a common agenda; to create an environment that has unity and fraternity as their foundation. Arcosanti, Pullman and the list of these towns go on with Auroville from Pondicherry being an important one in the list. Auroville apart from a nest of birds of different colors is more than a township to unite people.

A staircase constructed by the green architects
innovative structures in Auroville

Mirra Alfassa, the disciple of Sri Aurobindo had a vision; of bringing people irrespective of religion, nationality and race under one roof and live as one single unit. The idea revolved in the 1960s and officially in 1966 Auroville became a reality with the resolution of the UNESCO. With around 2500 people and counting, Auroville is constantly growing by accommodating more people who care for each other and try leading a sustainable life.

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Auro beach view from a hotel
Auro beach view from a hotel

In 2008, the Matrimandir was created, supported by four main pillars and a giant sphere with twelve petals and is a symbol of spiritual unity to the people of the city. Visiting the temple is free of cost yet one should follow strict guidelines so that the atmosphere of the temple does not get hindered in any manner. Matrimandir unlike other places in Auroville is a place to achieve congruence of your mind and body in a spiritual manner.

Pondicherry is not a stranger to beaches and Auro beach is one unique place to include in one’s travel itinerary. The serenity is accompanied by the absence of stores and hotels nearby which let people get things together.

Sri Aurobindo Ashram
Sri Aurobindo Ashram

Sri Aurobindo was quite intrigued with the need to create the individual to be capably ready in a spiritual way and so the first stone for the Ashram was laid. The Ashram is a public charitable trust has now been expanded with only the main building and the library in the beginning to an interconnected group of houses with the samadhis of Sri Aurobindo and Mirra Alfassa (the mother).

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A building constructed by the green architects of Auroville
A building constructed by the green architects of Auroville

When the idea of sustainable living has to be practiced, the environment becomes a major priority and the architecture around Auroville has been influenced in a way that the people have discovered innovative ways to live parallel with Mother Nature. The green architects of today conduct workshops and fund raisers to bring people to learn hands on, on how to create structures that do not become an obstacle to ecology.

Conclusion :            

As mentioned before, Auroville is a stepping stone where people believe that the utopia of an egalitarian ideology can be made a living reality. Every person who visits Auroville will long why the general public does not take efforts to co-exist. In the days to come, let us hope that Auroville becomes the testimony for people to create their surroundings that will accept people irrespective of their labels of the society and get on a common path towards a happy life.


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