Anantaya : Anantaya is a Jaipur based lifestyle designing organization, with Ayush Kasliwal and Geetanjali Kasliwal being the joint owners. Ayush is the Creative Director as well as designer and Geetanjali is the Managing Director and architect of the organization. The organization believes in the five most valuable words that help them to grow with time- Integrity, Innovation, Quality, excellence and Passion.

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Under them works a creative team of artisans that creates wonderful crafts like lighting, tableware, gifts, textiles, furniture and many other home accessories. This whole team has brought an innovation in the designs of crafts that preserve our traditional heritage. The products are deep rooted in the Indian ancient crafts.

The globally recognized company Anantaya preserves the ancient Indian culture. They have received Seal of Excellence from UNESCO in the years 2007 and 2008 for their rich handicrafts.

Anantaya, along with its business, also serves as a source of employment to a number of master artisans. The prime motto of the organization is to improve the lifestyles of the artisans who are attached to the company by increasing the profitability of the company, passion for art being the chief focus.

The company is a believer that crafts are part of our day to day life. They are striving hard every day, to be the paraphernalia for international connectivity and cultural integration, which will increase the company’s profitability with the help of the designers along with the master artisans.


You can purchase a wide range of home décor items including key rings, vases, decorative lights, aromatic diffusers, wall hangings, cutleries and crockeries, platters, jars, stationery alongside fashionable apparels and jewelries. You can find out the catalogs and procedures to place your order at their official website.


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