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Handbags Handicraft

The demand for handbags is increasing day by day. They are not only loved by women but men also show great interest in them.

Their different shapes, color, style of wearing and their affordable price now make handbags in the top of the most demanded accessories.


Most of them are made up of leather or semi-leather. In earlier times they were used to keep important things and articles. Nowadays they are used as style icon.

In the start of handbags, they often had a kissing lock closure, with two interlocking metal beads set on the top of the frame.

Kissing locks were popular on handbags during the early- to mid-20th century, and remain popular with vintage collectors and in “retro” designs. These locks are still seen on smaller purses.

There are different types of handbags According to type of handle, handbags are often categorized as: Tote: a medium to large bag with two straps and an open top. Cross-body: one long strap that crosses over the body, with the bag resting at the front by the waist. Sling bag: one long, wide strap that crosses over the body, with the bag resting on the back. Shoulder bag: any bag with shoulder-length straps. Clutch: handle less. the world of handicrafts has all kind of leather bags. And the great thing about them is they have handmade items. One can find such exotic, good quality, durable products at for sure.

They have wide variety of handmade handicrafts .Swadesi is an ecosystem of quality products made in India. They give incredible service to customers. They give best, quality products procured from reliable sources at affordable price.

The modern handbags came about in England during the industrial revolution, in part due to the increase in travel by railway.

When industrialist and confectionery entrepreneur Samuel Parkinson was travelling and saw her wife’s perfume and other accessories were too small to fit in the trunk and too big to carry in the purse.

From there he saw the demand to make handbags and continued them and later, they became famous and even carried by royal people and celebrities.



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