When an overseas buyer or the person wearing a creation expresses satisfaction and wonder, it is most gratifying and exhilarating for the creator. Said Robert Vadra of Artext: “Our strength is our creativity blending modern designs with ancient motifs. It just goes to show how creative our forebears were. The materials we use in fashion jewellery, perhaps, is more sophisticated assisted by technological advancement and research and development. That is any way does not diminish our people’s or artisans creative instinct’s.”

page17aaIndeed, Artax creations dazzle the Western nations. Our handicrafts have enamored the west. Said Mr. Vadra: “Take our bangles, necklaces, or bracelets. They have become objects of desire. There is intense competition from other Asian countries in this line of business and yet Indian products are preferred since these are handcrafted. We, however, cannot rest on our laurels and strive hard to display better products, which better designs each season.  The scope is immense and the world is our arena.”



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