If you’re looking for something to spice up your collection then Muchhala N V is definitely the outlet that you are on the lookout for. A leading fashion accessories supplier, manufacturer and exporter, Pradeep Muchhala has been in the family-owned business for a long time. Muchhala N V was established in 1962 and quickly made its reputation as one
of the foremost creators of hand woven and silk scarves and shawls.

Over the years, Pradeep Muchhala has created a niche for himself and his products on the international markets. He offers quality products and has never known to fail in keeping to deadlines. Muchhala N V has various procurement centres at all major manufacturing bases in the country. The company incorporates traditional Indian designs
in the manufacture of its products. The innumerable styles, vibrant hues and exclusive patterns speak of the excellence of the team of professionals. Aiming at quality, Muchhala 20bbN V aspires to achieve maximum customr satisfaction offering high quality reliable products with the latest designs whether in shawls and scarves or beachwear.

The company has established its presence in USA, Canada, Germany and France and its products are sold at high-end outlets.

Pradeep Muchhala

Muchhala N V


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