The History of Bagh



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A simple question like what is your history will make you hear some surprising answers from Ismile Khatri of Bhag. The stories that he is going to reveal to you are enough to take your attention till the time he feels content. The journey began in Sindh, a small village and involves two brothers which were Khatris of Bagh and Khatris of Kutch. They decided to settle down after completing a long journey towards south. Each of them was masters of their own craft. Khatris, which was a textile community based in Sindh got shifted to Gautampura before finally settling down to Manavar. However, after some time a small sect of the same community decided to move to a nearby village Bagh as it had ample good quality water which was a basic necessity for their craft, also, shifting their made sense due to low involvement of octroi taxes. Ismail Khatri who was amongst the founding fathers of the community and a National awardee will take you through the entire experience with his eyes, shining behind the puff of smoke as he will soon let both of them fades away.


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