Vastu is an ancient Indian science of architectural designing and building concerning the directions so as to invite the positive energy for life. It focuses on the placements of rooms and objects for auspicious outcomes and not ignoring the spiritual aspects at the same time. The significance use of Vastu Shastra started with the construction of Hindu temples followed by major houses andthen residential homes and offices.


For your health, wealth, happiness and prosperity Swadesi brings some useful Vastu Shastra tips that will change your life for better:

  • Grow a basil (tulsi) plant in front of your house and avoid having any cactus inside.
  • You should avoid building a prayer room under a stair case.
  • Digging a well in the middle of a house or plot is considered inauspicious.
  • Any exposed broken tile or floor in the house can be the cause of a broken relationship among family members. Cover the area with a carpet or fix it for immediately result.
  • The door be of the house should be soothing. A doorbell with irritated sound would lead to nurture short tempered nature among family members. It also low the energy level.
  • Having a number plate & name of your house on main entrance enables the opportunities to trace you easily. Lightening the nameplate also brightens the luck.
  • Moving water symbolize the positive energy and flow of money. A small fountain or aquarium in North direction will work wonder.

Apply these basic Vastu tips in your life and feel the positive change.



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