5 Stunning Attractions Of Jodhpur


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Attractions of Jodhpur

What could be better than being greeted by the first ray of the sun in the morning? Fall in love with Sun City-Jodhpur.  The magnificent city needs a definite place in the itinerary of every traveller. Jodhpur is not only the second-largest city in Rajasthan, but also one of the biggest tourist magnets of India. The city has a fascinating past and is famous for the beautiful palaces and forts that are present here. So, let’s take a look at the 5 forts you must visit in Jodhpur

1. Mehrangarh Fort


The Mehrangarh Fort tops the list of the must visit forts of Jodhpur and is one among the largest forts of the country. The Fort is 400 feet above the city and depicts power. The fort is interesting inside and very impressive on the first look from outside. The fort will give you a panoramic view of the whole city. It is must to keep lots of time in hand while visiting the fort so as to wander all the corners and make most of this visit. The fort is a perfect romantic getaway with your partner.

2. Jaswant Thada


This commemorative tomb is a proof of architectural excellence and intricate craftsmanship. The tomb features whimsical domes as well as white lattice marble screens. The place is a very peaceful spot to sit and relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery. The inside of the tomb has portraits of the Ranthore kings, and is a must visit place for all.

3.Umaid Bhawan Palace


This great magnificent palace is one of the last palaces that was built in India, yet is something not at all worth missing. One section of the great palace is still occupied the royal family.  The rest of the part of the palace has been converted into luxurious hotel and palace. This is the place for perfect romantic date with your beloved or to know about the great past of India. Umaid Bhawan Palace Museum is located on the highest point of the beautiful city. The palace is a unique, yet great combination of Indian and European architecture and something that you must have on your bucket list.

4. Mandore Gardens


Mandore Gardens is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Jodhpur and is sure to leave you spellbound. The garden also houses a museum and a temple that is dedicated to more than 30 gods. One can clearly evidence the architectural excellence of the past India here. Be prepared to meet a lot of monkeys here. The museum houses various artifacts and statues that are attractive in their own way.

5. Clock tower


One of the most famous landmarks of the old city is the clock tower. The clock tower will give you a great view of the fort and you can have a great shopping experience of various handicrafts and saris here. You will get many memories to take from this place.

These are the places every traveller must include in his or her bucket list on a visit to the ‘Blue City’. The city is a great place to indulge in antiques, handicraft and jewellery shopping. You can also let us know if there are any new places you feel we can add in this list.


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