Island Kiss us a lip care brand founded by Shaili Sutaria- a film maker by profession and now a fond herbalist busy in finding newer herbs best suitable for the products. Another founder Siddharth Tawardey is award winning photographer, humanitarian looking after the aesthetics part of the company.  This is a kind of unique product specially launched for lip care inspired by the tropical beaches, fragrant sea shores and rare combination of fruits and flowers. The company is planning a product growth in systematic manner during the year 2016-17.


Island Kiss has planned around 20 products in lip care category with amazing colours and flavors too. the very first high-end product Tropical Lip Moisturiser is about to launch with its French name ‘Tropique Pomades’ with vibrant flavors. Company promises that you will get 100% organic products with natural decadence to groom you from within.


The entire Island Kiss collection uses essential oils, plant botanicals and exotic butter to create soothing effect on your lips that lasts longer. These products are totally edible and non-toxic for your health. Recent news about lead and other harmful substances found in lip products is heart-wrenching and with this background, products from Island Kiss stand really safe and better qualify to your beauty needs. You will get totally pure, raw, vegan, organic, non-toxic, gluten free, soy-free and healing products from Island Kiss.

The very first tropics based product we introduced is a fresh creamy mix of kokum, mango and avocado. This rich butter will moisturize and hydrate your lips and give them a natural glow and soft feeling. When applied, your smile will become more radiant and confident too.

Company also confirms about their eco-friendly practices while production is going on. They promise to use recyclable processes and materials from packaging to raw material and be transparent to their clients.  Company is far away from using animals for product testing or any other illegal practices such as child labour.


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