Split Green Gram (Moong Dal) – Vegetarian protein source


Split Green Gram or also known as moong dal, is superfood when it comes to its nutrition facts. Because it is low on carbs and it is packed with protein. So, it is one of the few vegetarian products that give you a good amount of protein that makes our body strong. Split Green Gram is small, round, olive-green colored legumes with a sweet flavor. It is available all over the country.

Health Benefits 

One must involve moong dal in their diet because of the benefits it gives to our body.

  1. a) It helps in weight loss. Moong dal helps to work our digestive system actively and that makes our body feel full after eating, and that is very helpful in weight loss. It is also very light and easy in digestion.
  2. b) Healthy nutrients. Moong dal is packed with minerals like iron, potassium, copper, and magnesium. It also contains fibers, vitamins, and protein.
  3. c) Reduce heart risks. Moong dal helps lower blood pressure and gives protection against muscle cramping. It also helps with irregular heartbeats.
  4. d) Make good blood flow. Moong dal has iron in it and it helps in the production of red blood cells that our body needs. It boosts the overall blood circulation of our bodies.

These are some dishes that you can make using moong dal, Khichri, Kadhi, Dosa, Salad, Halwa, Dhokla, Pakoda, Soup, etc

Moong Dal Idli


Moong dal is healthy to eat on a daily basis. It helps to prevent weight loss so, it is useful for those who are working hard in the gym to lose weight also it is packed with protein and that will give strength to our body. Also, there are plenty of items to made using moong dal so you will never be bored eating it.


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