Womens in traditional dress of mizoram in mim kut festival

Mim Kut Festival Mizoram

Mim kut festival is celebrated in Mizoram after harvesting maize. It is kind of celebrating the harvested crops festival. India is an agricultural country. Indian people depend on farming products. Farmers in different states celebrate different festivals after harvesting their crops.

It is usually celebrated in the month of August. Mim kut is celebrated to show gratitude towards almighty for beneficial harvesting in the year. The length of this festival can be two days up to seven days. People of Mizoram dance and sing songs at this festival.

And they wear different clothes that make people of Mizoram and mim kut festival unique.

Mim Kut Festival Mizoram: mim kut festival

Mim Kut Festival Mizoram: traditional rice wine in mim kut festival

History of Mim Kut Festival Mizoram

Mim kut celebrated after harvesting of maize (Mim) crop. In history, it is the story of two brothers named Kuki and Chin. This story shows the love and affiliation between two brothers.

In the past Kuki and Chin were abandoned by their mother. Then when Kuki felt hunger, chin gave a piece of Mim to Kuki.

This story shows the love between two brothers and it also teaches life lesion to help each other in hard times. To pay tribute to this story and to be thankful to god, the people of Mizoram celebrate Mim kut festival.

Rituals of Mim Kut Festival Mizoram

Rituals in Mim kut festival

Rituals in Mim kut festival

In this festival, individuals pay tribute to their deceased ancestors. They offer maize, clothes, jewelry, bread and wine those dead souls.

They even devote half of the harvest to their deceased ancestors. The souls of their deceased ancestors are presumed to return to their homes during this festival.

These rituals made Mim kut festival widely known and it also made this festival tourist attraction. Also, people drink rice wine at this festival and this rice wine is made in almost every home in Mizoram.

Traditional dance of Mim Kut Festival Mizoram

Groups of people performers dance in this festival with big traditional drums, longhorns and other local instruments that used to produced harmonized music.

They wear special clothes for dancing. They do this dancing in couples and the whole group danced with coordination. Dancing is the attraction of mim kut festival.

traditional dance in mim kut festival

traditional dance in mim kut festival

There are also other interesting and entertaining contests during mim kut like various games, fashion shows, talent hunt and voice hunt. Also other attractions like food stalls, men wrestling, sports and fairs during mim kut.

Attractions in festival

Attractions in festival

People of Mizoram and Nagaland celebrate this festival after a successful harvest of the year and they pay tribute to their deceased ancestors and show gratitude towards god.

They enjoy this two-day festival. People from other countries also visit Mizoram during mim kut festival.


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