India’s Mysterious Glowing Forest

India's Mysterious Glowing Forest

Remember that glowing island from “Life of Pi”? Everyone always dreamed of being stranded on such a beautiful island, apart from the other effects of course!

Mysterious Glowing Forest India

We are very well known that the nature that surrounds us is filled with such surprising beauty. Right from the vibrant species of marine life to colourful butterflies flying around. Another such surprise that nature surprised us with is glowing beaches and forests.

Wouldn’t it be a surprise to know that such a beautiful place exists in India as well? Well, it so does! This bioluminescent forest exists in India, in the state of Maharashtra.

This forest glows mostly during the monsoon season when the whole forest is drenched with rain and everything is freshly green. The forest is in the small village of Maharashtra called Ahupe,  nestled in the Western Ghats of Bhimashankar Wildlife Sanctuary area.

The real reason for this spectacular glow is the fungus called Mycena. This fungus usually grows on wet rotting barks, leaves and roots of trees, which is the real reason why this forest is visible mostly during the Monsoon season. And when exposed to high humidity in the air, which is quite common in the Western Ghats, it develops a luminescence in the dark. Thus, giving us a glowing spectacular show.

You can always trek to this forest and enjoy nature in the night walk. And thus not only discover this mysterious part of nature, but you can also actually trek and become a bird watcher in the day. Bhimashankar Wildlife Sanctuary holds a variety of bird species.

Hence, it can for sure become a natural bliss for you!