India’s Giant Technicolor Squirrels

Giant Technicolor Squirrels
Giant Technicolor Squirrels

Have you ever heard of anything like a giant squirrel, I am pretty sure most of you haven’t heard of anything like that before? Well, let me describe to you what kind of squirrel they are actually.

India’s giant squirrel also known as Malabar Giant Squirrel are mainly found in southern India. They had been declared as the state animal of Maharashtra. They can be spotted in Bhimashankar Wildlife Sanctuary. Indian giant squirrel differs from almost all other squirrels.

The Squirrels fur contain oranges and shades of magenta-purple. They look tremendously beautiful and adorable.

Physical Characteristics: Indian Giant Technicolor Squirrel

The color of the Indian giant squirrel varies from deep red to purple, cream to beige, and from brighter orange to deep brown. They have short round ears and strong claws. The body length of these colorful creatures can measure nearly 36 inches from head to tail.

They can weigh up to four and a half pounds but even though their body is larger than the average squirrel they are still capable of jumping 20 feet between trees effortlessly. They are warm-blooded animals and usually keep themselves well hidden in vegetation.

Giant Technicolor Squirrels
Giant Technicolor Squirrels

Diet and Behavior of the Indian Giant Squirrel

They feed on fruits, flowers, nuts, bird eggs, and small insects. They use their hands to eat while standing on their legs.

They also have a different style of keeping their food they create food stores in treetops high above the ground as compared to the common squirrels which usually hide their food underground. They also have a large tail which is used to improve their balance while they jump on different branches.

The nests that they make are very similar to an eagles nest mainly constructed from small twigs and leaves.

The main reason why they are so extinct in nature is deforestation. Cutting down of trees in forests is leading them to disappear. If people really think animals are important in their life then this practice should be stopped immediately.


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