Indian mindset is filled with various superstitions the origin of which goes an era back. One such is not touching the broom with feet which is considered as dishonor of Goddess Lakshmi who is considered to bring wealth to the house. Thus, a broom is considered sacred besides its everyday use. Not only Goddess Lakshmi but various other Gods too are associated with it. The Indian craft communities have used something as simple as a broom in creating almost a hundred varieties. Each tribal community has its established method. The material used to make the broom varies according to the usage and application area.

The first step towards making of broom is procurement of the strands of almost same length which are bundles and tied together. In order to make a proper grip comfort, almost one fifth of the holding area is covered and tied with dried grass strips or thread. Some simple tools are used for the process to cut, shred and slice them into finer lengths. The craftsmen not only indulge in making the broom but also making them more pleasant aesthetically and robust. Some artisans use palm leaves to make the broom by shredding the leaves with a teethed tool and joining two or three shredded lengths by braiding them. This kind of broom is of a very unique form. Be it the witches or Harry Potter, brooms have enriched our imagination as well domestic life.


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