Sanduri Lambani Embroidery

What more can you say about an art that defines a place? In the dry, rocky areas of Hampi, the Sanduri Lambani Embroidery, in their colorful embroidered dresses strewn with mirrors, coins and shells live with full glory. The word Lambanis means ‘Banjara’ or nomads as these people originally belong to Marwar and now reside mostly in Southern and Middle India.

Sanduri Lambani Embroidery

The lambanis printing is nothing less than a miracle by hand in all senses. Its a beautiful mixture of cross stitch with mirror work and overlaid and quilting stitches.

The borders of the patchwork in done on a loosely woven blue or red handloom fabric as a base. The GI tag is given to it by the Government also ensures that these craftsmen can get the real value of these unique products made by them.

The most famous products among the tourists are the heavily embroidered bags in flamboyant colors and bed sheets.

The main attraction of this art is the stitching. There are about 14 testing methods that are different to others and give a different look and feel to the design.

However, this is not the only thing that separates it from others as it also relies on natural dyeing and printing which is done by these craftswomen.

The print design used in printing which has been influenced by the elements of nature, makes them look different and unique than the other Lambani craft groups.

The sad part about this is that in spite of the GI tag and other initiatives taken by the state and central Government to boost this product, there’s no awareness about these products that make them less popular. But, slowly, they are rising up and are now in demand, internationally.

Let’s hope that it gets the same recognition in India too so that these manufacturers and the people can get the due credit.


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