In the business of manufacturing quality products since 1965, Deepak Corporation has set high benchmarks not only in the industry but also for others. Headed by Vijay Kumar Bajaj, the company produces finely crafted aluminium vases in a variety of shapes and sizes. In addition, it creates glass platters and bowls in a wide range of colours that have been dazzling eyes in Europe and the USA for well over 40 years now. Perhaps, what is most important is the fact that Deepak Corporation’s products are so uniquely crafted that they
22aastand out from the rest.

The company has its own design team that keeps tabs on what the design trends are in the West as well as in the other markets that Deepak Corporation supplies to. Vijay Kumar Bajaj also takes the advice of his clients for designs.

Deepak Corporation also has products specifically for the domestic market. These are sports cups and trophies as well as a host of gift items for homes and corporation houses.

Though the articles made by the company are not eco-friendly, Vijay Kumar Bajaj tries his utmost to be environmentally conscious during the manufacturing process.

Vijay Bajaj



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