Dee Gee Creation has been specializing in designer fashion jewellery from 1993. The products crafted from the best quality materials bring India’s traditional craftsmanship to the fore. Each piece is so lovingly created that Dee Gee Creations has earned clients in Spain, Portugal, USA, Japan, France, Italy, Australia and South Africa.
The designs are basically created in-house by the design team that keeps a close watch on the fashion trends in the west. However, often clients suggest designs styles and colour for incorporation in Dee Gee’s portfolio. As Deepak Gupta puts it, “The inspiration 88aafrom our clients helps us build a portfolio that boast of creations that are at once unique and popular. “Even so, many of the designs have to be tweaked to keep in tune with special demands that vary from country to country. While some may ask for lighter colours, others ask for more traditional designs and yet others ask for more traditional designs and yet others demand changes according to the seasons. The company has an impressive portfolio and though there are often demands from customers around the world to introduce new products, Deepak Gupta would like to concentrate on what he has. He has no plans yet to create a new line of products.

Dee Gee is acutely aware of the environment and Deepak Gupta points out, “we are only making lead-free and nickel-free products. “We also try to recycle our waste material.”



Dee Gee Creations


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