97aaAnil Industries has jewellery, which is unique and attractive. According to Anji Agarwal,
jewellery can be created out of different materials. “Whether it is glass, wood or metal, it is imagination, which has to be used to create anything unique, “he says. Colourful, trendy
and attractive jewellery is what the export house has been dealing in for the last five years.

With 25 years of experience, the company has been able to satisfy customers from Germany, Spain and USA. “Although different materials help us create new designs, the final product is what matters the most. The customer is looking for class, creation and concepts, which are new and attractive, “says Agarwal. With full confidence in his designing team, Agarwal is sure that the creativity and colour the team infuses in products will be able to capture more clients from across the world. Although client demand varies from country to country, the export house looks forward to new challenges. EPCH, according to Anil Industries, has been a backbone of support and exporters must come forward to utilize the council’s expertise.


Anil Industries


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