Hemant Rana was born with a passion for exports and he decided to nurture his dream in 2004 with the star of Roopkaran Arts & Crafts. The company is engaged in the production and export of fashion accessories and fashion jewellery of different varieties such as bone, 85ahorn, costume, stone, metal and wood. With quality as the top priority, the company
specializes in the production of different kinds of handcrafted fashion jewellery and fashion accessories.

Rana Said: “Jewellery designing is a creative art that needs wild imagination, sharp understanding of market trends, a calculative mind for making it cost effective to survive the competition and passion for presentation to make it appealing and attractive. “To attain the quantitative economies quite a number of components are outsourced but the final assembly is managed in-house to obtain the visualized designs.

Roopkaran Arts & Crafts has a presence around the world. It has a clientele in US, Spain, Portugal and Japan and is moving forward to penetrate new markets.


Roopkaran Arts & Crafts


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