With more than a decade of experience in exports behind them, Balaji Creations has been able to give that magical finish to their products year after year. “We believe that our client is the ultimate goal. If we are able to satisfy our client, we know we have done our best, 95a“says Neeraj Gupta. “And no matter how fussy the client is, our designers and our whole team bends backwards to make adjustments and fulfill all their demands, “he says. Whether it is jewellery or fashion accessories, it is imperative that they keep changing their designs to keep up with changing market trends.

Since 1999, the export house has been able to capture the attention and hearts of the clients from all over the world. Whether it is bags decorated with beads or glass, jewellery made from metal or shell or wood, the quality is maintained and that is what brings repeated clients, says the exporter. “Designs vary from country to country but it is a challenging job which we take up with full passion and dedication,” says Gupta.


The Balaji Creation


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