Kohli International came into existence in 1994 under the thoughtful guidance of H S Kohli. The company has established its existence in almost every nook and corner of the global market through its vast and creative product line such as necklaces, earrings, bangles and other fashion jewellery items.

page38a                “The world is enarmored with Indian handcrafted fashion jewellery that have become objects of possession for almost every lady who love to wear and show them off,” said Kohli. No wonder, there is an intense competition in this line of business from most of the Asian countries. However, Indian products are preferred for their handcrafted creative designs and blend of cultural heritage. The scope in this field is immense and the world market can be taken as the arena to face this bout. Kohli said, “The creations of a company totally depend on the imagination of its team of designers.” At Kohli International, there is always emphasis on quality standards and creating eco-friendly products and with the help of EPCH; the company has been given a strong platform for a connection with buyers.




Kohli International


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