Specializing in hand-crafted necklaces, bangles, bangle sets, earrings and finger rings made from natural materials like horn, bone, shell, wood, leather, suede and metals like brass, copper, iron, manmade resin and PU materials, Kohli Associates Pvt Ltd has been in the business since 1981. The company was formed that year and started exporting hand-crafted goods at the same time.

Over all these years, Mr K S Kohli has built up a wide clientele of business associates in Western European countries like France, Italy and Spain. In addition, he has page33aalso started exporting to the USA, South America, Japan and Australia. Each product has wide popularity and Mr. Kohli is proud of that. “Each product is developed keeping in mind the details given by the designers. To top it all, best quality materials are used to create a perfect piece,” he emphasizes. As for the designs, Kohli Associates has its in-house designing team which is always working on new designs based on the fashion trends in the coming seasons and ideas from buyers of different regions. The company tries out new designs regularly and launches them after consultations with buyers. Even so, designs vary from country and even in one country from region to region. Everything depends on the tastes and preferences of the local population. “Since, ours is cottage industry our products are generally eco-friendly,” asserts Mr Kohli.




Kohli Associates Pvt.  Ltd.


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