The touch of confident smile on the face of Mr. Dinesh Gambhir was self explanatory about the success story of Touch of India. Today’s Touch of India is backed by the solid 25 years of experience and consistent growth. Mr. Gambhir mentioned, “The main ingredients of our products are designs, material and international quality standards. We strive to deliver perfection in our products. Our team of designers is quite flexible and is open to create a blend of our own ideas with buyer’s expectations. We respect the suggestions from our buyers and do the full justice with that. Sometimes buyers provide quite a good amount of information about preferred colors, patterns, designs and material to be use.” During this period of 25 years, Touch of India has created a strong footing in the global markets like UK, US and Australia. However there is a variation in the designs from buyer to buyer and page30aacountry to country. Mr. Gambhir also quoted, “Today’s competitive market is dominated by price and quality both. One has to be quite vigilant about the competition to stay in the market.” When asked about the expansion plans Mr. Gambhir did not show any consent for the near future.





Touch of India


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