Ranidongri- the basket makers in disguise Amongst the simple yet colourful life of Ranidogi, a small village in Madhya Pradesh one can easily spot the women weaving beautiful grass baskets in various sizes. These baskets of the region are popular in various other places in the vicinity of Madhya Pradesh. As the women are busy preparing these beautiful baskets, men of this village are known for the dancing and acting skills.


The heartwarming gesture that you will receive when your visit their home will just make you fall in love with the place. They will sing welcoming songs meanwhile you can relax in the mud clads, huge and beautiful courtyard that will make your visit worth it. The depths of their eyes and voices will be soothing. It’s one of the villages where the guests are treated like the gods. These acts of singing, dancing and basket weaving aren’t just for passion but also a source of livelihood for these folks.


looking to explore a historical and mythological chapter which is full of ancient Indian then Ranidongri may provide a worthwhile choice to you. A visit to this place is a must for those seeking some time off from the hectic city life.


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